Kigoma Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Issa Machibya

Kigoma Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Issa Machibya

The RC instead asked the spiritual leaders to sermonise unity, love and harmony as well as respect to all candidates irrespective of their religious differences.

Mr Machibya, speaking at a fundraising event for the construction of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) primary school, condemned an unbecoming behaviour by some spiritual leaders to campaign for politicians with whom they have religious affiliation.

He decried the mixing of politics and religions as major contributing factors to violence and political instability. The RC also urged leaders of various denominations in Kigoma Region and the whole country to encourage believers to enrol in the Permanent Voter Register (PVR) and encourage them to vote for their desired leaders.

Speaking on the development of the registration of voters in Kigoma, he said that a total of 20 illegal immigrants have been arrested while in an effort to register in the PVR.

Adding, foreign nationals should not register because by doing so it was an offence and legal actions will be taken against them.

In that order, he issued a warning to local government officials not to give refuge to illegal immigrants in their areas and later help them to enrol in the PVR, even if they were blood related with them.

Speaking in the same event, the Head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT), Bishop Dr Alex Malasusa, urged Tanzanians to register in the PVR and ensure that they vote during the October elections.

Bishop Malasusa said, ?although it has been reported that there were various challenges in the process, but nobody appeared to register and left without basic reason, therefore, citizens should continue to register in largeness, as it was among their basic rights for them to be able to choose leaders.?

Over 53m/- was collected, out of which 20m/- was in cash while the remaining was in pledges. In such contributions, Bishop Malasusa gave 5m/- while Mr Machibya contributed 1m/- .

Reading reports of the fund-raising, Pastor Emmanuel Mtoi, said that 250m/- were needed for construction of an apartment for the primary school, adding that it will have seven classrooms, administrative offices as well as dormitory and dining hall.

Source Tanzania Daily News


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