Commandant general, Chaplains Nigeria, a Christian non-denominational organization, Dr. Evans Onyewuchi Ibe, has decried the deplorable condition of the country?s prisons and urged the Federal Government to reform it to salvage the inmates.

In his address at the commissioning of the Chaplaincy at the Community Baptist Church, Owerri and the conferment of life matron of the organization on Ms Estelle Igwe, zonal controller, Owerri zonal office of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Ibe urged Nigerians to have compassion on prisoners, as they could turn out to become good citizens.

?These people behind bars are our brothers and sisters, fathers, mothers and relatives. At times some of them are innocent of the charges against them. Chaplains must make every of their prison visitations very important and must exhibit professionalism when counseling the prisoners.

?As Chaplains, we must show love to those men and women behind bars, because their problems are looked upon as spiritual.

?We specialize in prison chaplaincy, because we believe that Prisons harbor so many people that have committed various crimes, because they don?t know God. And when they throw them in there and throw away the keys, we are not too happy about it.

?And so, we want to go back there and minister the word of God to them and perhaps change their minds for positive things. And some of them after serving their terms in jail, become changed people. So that is why we don?t believe in throwing away people in prison, because we believe that they can be salvaged,? he stated.

Rev. Ernest Eke, a cleric of the Baptist Church in his sermon, advised Nigerians to shun selfishness and greed, which according to him were responsible for the country?s under development.

Eke described Igwe as a good hearted Nigerian, which according to him, was instrumental to the honour bestowed on her by the Chaplains Nigeria.

According to him, you don?t need to be a millionaire to render assistance to your neighbour or anybody in need.

Chaplains International was formed in France by St. Martins de Torres in 316 AD.


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