60th Anniversary and National Convention of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana

The Director of Church Life and Nurture of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Reverend Kwaku Bio kyeame said the church leadership has the right to lead, give direction and guide to society according to the tenets of the Bible.

60th Anniversary and National Convention of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Speaking at the climax of the 60th Anniversary and National Convention of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Singing Bands union in Accra, he noted that Christians are enjoined by the scriptures to affect lives and influence society irrespective of the position they occupy in the society.

Church leaders are supposed to ensure that those who have been put in the stead of God bring order into society he said.

He indicated that the clergy does not have to occupy political office before they could contribute towards the development of the country but could offer guidance through their calling as ministers of God.

‘’ Everybody has a calling, even in the church there are various positions that God has destined so that the body of Christ may be able to move forward and function well according to the will and purpose of God, so it is with governance.

“The clergy has the right to question the leadership of the country, people who are directly in governance and managing the resources of the country by using the tenets of the bible as a guide. The clergy have a duty to point out any wrong doing in the society for correction,’’ he said.

“Christians are the light and salt of the world and so they should be guided by what is right, live a life worthy of emulation for others to follow.

“If indeed Christians constitute about 70 per cent of the population then it should be easier to affect the society and to have massive transformation in our places of work,’. he added.

The National President of the singing bands Union, Nana Ofori Amanfo Diatuo I expressed the need for presidential candidates and their communicators to refrain from using abusive language during campaigns as they have the tendency to perpetuate violence.

He noted that “political parties, presidential candidates and people who speak for the parties should be circumspect with their comments”.

He commended the Electoral Commission for working hard to maintain the trust and confidence of the electorate.

He appealed to the political parties to abide by the rules and regulations stipulated by the Commission to enable them function effectively as expected.

The President of the Ga Presbytery and the Chairman of the Projects and Investments Committee of the Singing Band Union, Mr Kweku Aidoo, said the body is still relevant as one of the medium of sharing the word of God with others.

He observed that the perception by some people that the Singing Band belongs to the older generation is untrue.

Mr Aidoo said when singing as a band the most important thing people should be aware of is that it is about the evangelisation to win souls for Christ.

Singing Band has taken a new dimension, the young, the old are all enjoying songs played by singing Bands despite other forms of songs that has gained some level of currency.

It is not about which form of music has the highest patronage of listenership but rather those that seek to encourage people to live right.

He debunked public assertion that the unattractiveness of the orthodox churches have made majority of the youth flee to the charismatic churches.

‘’What is charismatism? It is in the orthodox churches as well. Whatever the charismatic churches are doing the orthodox churches are equally doing it. It is the same God we are all worshiping everywhere. We are not worried about numbers, if it is about anything, it should be about leading people to Christ, “he said.

The five day conference dubbed: ‘’When the Holy Spirit moves; evangelising through songs” brought together four thousand delegates from the various parts of the country

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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