CLEEN with support from Justice for All (J4A) Nigeria organises Stakeholders Roundtable Discussion On Powers And Mandate Of Police Oversight Agencies In Nigeria.

The workshop is part of a Component Intervention Programme CIP 1.3 of? Justice for All (J4A) Nigeria on External Accountability of the Nigeria Police. The workshop will bring together various stakeholders South West to discuss the powers and mandate of police oversight agencies, to create awareness on the activities of the oversight agencies through these various groups and release policy briefs on thematic issues.


It also seeks to explore mechanisms for greater sensitization of the public on mandate and powers of police oversight bodies in Nigeria through mobilization, coordination, collaboration, information dissemination, as well as experience and skills sharing.

The program is geared towards enlightening members of the public through groups like the CSO and the media about the mandates and powers of police oversight institutions namely: PCC, PSC, NHRC and MoPA. It will also serve as an avenue for members of the public to engage oversight agencies and to know how to make complaints, how complaints are processed, how these oversight agencies can be contacted, and to know about accountability directives issued to the police and all other things that relate to their activities.

Part of the meeting will therefore be devoted to galvanizing media and CSO support to sensitize grassroots people on the mandates and powers of Police oversight agencies by mainstreaming them into their ongoing activities and projects. The meeting will discuss and explore various options for fostering police oversight in Nigeria.

Fifty (50) Participants will be drawn from the media and CSO groups within the South West, 2 each from the four agencies and CLEEN Foundation.



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