The Center for learning Disabilities Assessment (CLDA) is very surprise to hear from the minister of education that students held back during their high school education for non performance will not be catered for in their extra year of study under the free senior school education policy.

This clearly shows the government unwillingness to support students with learning disabilities, attention deficit and behavior disorder. The statement from the minister of education also shows how the government is abandoning thousands of students with learning difficulty and their families.

If the statement made today by the minster is true, we should expect a high rate of poor performance from at risk students.

The government must understand that, free senior high school did not entitle the state to deny students with learning disabilities their human rights, but placed a duty on the state to cater for them

We are calling on all stakeholders who are passionate about learning disabilities to tell the minister of education that, he should not use free senior high school to undermine students with learning disabilities because of insufficient funds.

Source: The Center for learning Disabilities Assessment