The Silverbird Cinemas have started screening popularly acclaimed old Ghanaian movies to support Ghana’s initiative to appreciate the patronage of Made in Ghana goods and services in the month of July.

All-time favourite Ghanaian classics like ?Love Brewed in an African Pot?, ?I Told You So?, ?Heritage Africa?, ?Road to Kukurantumi?, ?Harvest at 17?, ?Jennifer?, ?Baby Thief?,  ?Genesis Chapter X, and ?No tears for Ananse?, will be screened at a subsidized price of GHC 5.00.

The week-long screening which started on Sunday, July 8 is one of several activities scheduled for the ?Made in Ghana Month?, which aspires to promote Ghanaian made product, industries and personalities in the month of July.

Other activities include industry tours, arts and culture week, and Ghanafest, which is an exhibition of Made in Ghana goods and services.

Speaking on the initiative, Station Manager for Ghana, John Osei Tutu Agyeman explained that the week of classical movies is meant to show what talent Ghanaians have in the movie industry.

?Every society?s culture and arts scene should thrive through its people and their way of life. And through this particular project we want to hone in on the fact that we (Ghanaians) have a rich culture and country filled with amazing talent, products and services,” he said.

“The Ghanaian classics week is one that I am anxiously looking forward to because I know people will appreciate the films being shown and the talents who are in it. This is the opportunity for the older generation to reminisce and for the younger ones to have a peep into the past and see how far we?ve come,? he added.


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