Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood has dismissed the Osu District Magistrate, Her Worship

Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood
Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood

Ellen Anokye from the office effective June 1, 2013.

This is because she failed to ?…perform in a proper manner your duties as a Magistrate which is prejudicial to the efficient operations of the Judicial Service.?

The dismissed letter dated May 28, 2013 and signed by the Chief Justice also ordered the Magistrate to ?hand over your duties and all official properties in your possession to the Judicial Secretary with immediate effect?.

?By a copy of this letter, the Director of Finance is requested to ensure that your name is deleted from the payroll of the Service with effect from 1st June 2013?, the letter continued.

The Magistrate is being dismissed because she allegedly insulted a party to a case, Nana Adwoa A. Ackom, in open court. Without provocation, it was alleged that she forcibly detained Nana Adwoa on a bench for accused persons.

Nana therefore made a petition to the Chief Justice who referred the case to the Appointments and Disciplinary Committee of the Judicial Council to investigate.

Her Worship Ellen Anokye was found guilty of the offence and thus relieved of her post.

Her dismissal letter said: ?The committee therefore found that a prima facie case has been made against you in respect of the allegations by Nana Adwoa A. Ackom-Mensah?.

?The Appointments and Disciplinary Committee also found the response you submitted to the Honourable Lady Chief Justice in respect of the petition by said Nana Adwoa A. Ackom-Mensah in which you used very vulgar and abusive words, to be very rude and disrespectful towards the office of the Chief Justice.

?The tone of the response was unbefitting of a Judicial Officer and has brought the Judiciary into disrepute,? the letter stated.

via: Ghana/The New Crusading Guide


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