It does not come on a silver platter to make strides in today’s world of keen competition in all disciplines of life.


Putting Ghana’s music industry under the lens of critical objectivity, it can confidently be said that for an artiste enter the circles of its spotlight it requires tireless, gruelling treads. Ask any musician. The system is such resilient that we can’t cut through it to expose the talents stuck underground like fossils. The competition is keen. The struggle is real and the quest to get one’s name out there doesn’t come on a silver platter.

In the heat of the 2015 moments came the young, versatile astute fat boy, christened CJbiggerman who has tactically maintained his finesse and the energy with which he shot himself into the limelight. Holding the foresight that his days of stardom are a zilch, he is indeed getting into the good books of Ghana’s rap music.

It is particularly difficult to measure one’s effort in pushing an agenda, otherwise CJ should be topping the scale among his peers. I would confidently say his hustle early days were promising, and is indeed paying him off.

With the mixtape album labelled IRED, he came all the way to reach the status of an unsung hero today. The 20-track packed album gave him the foundation on which he beats his chest today. This was followed by the birth of ‘Food Bombers’ and ‘King Kong’ among other hits.

Before his entry into season 4 of the popular TV reality show, MTN Hitmaker he had been out and about making appearances at one event or another. His fans love his craft and is obvious in their responses.
Then came the opportunity to prove his prowess at the popular TV reality show, MTN Hitmaker. All and sundry – from the rank and file of the showbiz industry were witnesses to CJbiggerman’s showmanship. Once after performing ‘Food Bombers’ I recall vividly the words of Okyeame Kwame, ‘You can really rap! Your lines are on point’!

His works spoke for themselves. The contender had a tough time in the battle, but his exclusivity kept him in the competition till the grand finale. The Ghanaian music community saw for themselves the magnitude of impression CJ made on the Hitmaker stage that saw his explosion.
Later in the year was the release a catalogue of hits: ‘Lebooboo’ (Number 1) and ‘God Bless’ among other freestyles.
Moving forward came the release of a collaboration with Pappy Kojo and Harmaboy on a single that drags listeners to the dance floor. Named ‘3 Years’, the track is a highlight of the theme being exposed in this write-up. The song represents his quest to take the industry by storm within 3 years. He illuminates the zeal to beat the odds and make successful hits, chalking successes, winning international awards and all – in 3 years.

The duo, Lebooboo and 3 Years promises to become an obsession in the days ahead. The rapper is an act with long-term plans for a successful career to make an impact so far Hippop Hiplife genre, and this manifested in the collaboration with Pappy Kojo and Harmaboi.

Playing at gigs in 2015, the genius delivered well to the expectation of fans. In a recent concert which saw the outdooring of his single, ‘3 Years’; which in less than a month of its release has seen the playlist of several top radio shows in the country.

Christian Joshua is signed on the Hashtag Music group.

Source: Patrick Fynn


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