By Mohammed Mustapha

Our civic responsibility as citizens of Ghana is to protect, promote, defend the good name of our motherland; the jokes about political propaganda are so old that they have ceased to be funny.?Propaganda,?when supported by the educated classes and when no deviation is permitted from it, can have a big effect.

? I have never in my life felt sorry for those invincible hands that have nothing good to do with their precious life than going round peddling lies and falsehood just to tarnish the image of their political opponents, and what makes this more dangerous is the media and some corrupt journalist whose daily bread are deeply in the pocket of politicians
?I believe most of you might have heard or read about the concocted list of top most rich people in Ghana believed to have been compiled by Forbes. The first day my attention was called to this trivial, useless compilation by my younger brother, the only thing that was so conspicuous about the list is, it really expose the myopic and the level of ignorance of those behind it. ?I wonder why such a person will not research little about the modus operandi of Forbes Company so he or she could fashion the compilation to suit the standard of Forbes. ?If those people behind this list are ignorant and unscholarly, let me use this medium to edify them of the activities of Forbes and who qualify to be enlisted on their website.
I have traced the source of the compilation right from Peace fm online to Ghana web. ?To my outmost surprise, Ghana web stated Forbes Ghana as their source. For the sake of clarity and proper understanding of what I am saying, Just Google ?Forbes Ghana? and see for yourself if there is any?website or Institution called Forbes Ghana. The Original Forbes we all know that is in charge of monitoring celebrities and their wealth has never recorded any person or group persons from Ghana with their respective wealth. To expose the shallow minded people behind this propaganda, I personally contacted the Forbes Company in the USA through their original website which I will make it available, they have categorically denied compiling such a bogus names of rich people in Ghana.
So from all indication this twaddle compilation was orchestrated to throw dust into our eyes so we Ghanaians will have hate for the Mahama family and the NDC as a party. I am saying this because, the top four richest people in Ghana according to that donkey list feature Ibrahim Mahama, Alfred Mahama and the president himself, the dominant names are also NDC members. Below is the quack names that are been publish by the so called Propaganda Horses who call their selves Media men.
1. Ibrahim Mahama -$1.9 billion.2. Alfred Mahama -$1.3 billion.3. Roland Agambire – $1.1billion 4. Joseph Agyepong – $1.05billion5. John Mahama – $900 million 6. Alhaji Azuma Banda – $724 million.
7. Ato Ahwoi – $684 million 8. Dr. Sam Jonah – $430 Million 9. Haruna Iddrisu – $300million10. Alex Mould – $282 million 11. Dr. Kwame Addo Kufuor – $250million. 12. Tsatsu Tsikata – $245million13. Elvis Afriyie Ankrah -$112 million. 14. Dr. Kwesi Nduom – $110 million.15.?Ken Agyapong $104million16. PrinceKofiAmoabeng – $98million 17. Asiedu Nketiah – $89million ?18. Alfred Woyome – $75million ?19. Tony Lithur – 30million 20. Baba Kamara – $ 11million
? Critically looking at the names above, it explicitly tell you that the principal agenda of this these racketeers is to make ?us believe the NDC and it surrogates are amassing wealth. We had a similar compilation sometime last year ?where Dr. Addo Kuffour was leading the chart with 1.2billion dollars, followed by Mr.Sam Jona with 500 million dollars, Dr.Kwesi Ndoum with 300 million dollars, Nana Addo? with 250 million dollars, Osafo Marfo with 220 million dollars just to mention a few.
There is indication from the new chart, that tells me and any other person that all the NPP guys who were captured in the last year?s role has dropped drastically. If indeed, the God forsaken Compilation has the support of Forbes, it will indicate which person was occupying what position previously and the reason why that person had maintained or fall from that position. It really laughable to see certain names popping up in that sham compilation and leave me with no doubt than to treat this with the greatest contempt it deserves. The propaganda list want to tell us: President Kuffour is not among the rich people in Ghana, but a young Mahama who has so far spent only eight months in the Jubilee house has made 900 Million dollars. Wowow!!! Kuffour spent eight years ?and if you want to subject this issue to mathematical analysis then you have Kuffour making Trillions of dollars in his eight years rule. But thank God some of us are reasonable in our thinking and analysis so such a humbug statement will never come from us.
The inclusion of Alfred Mahama, Lawyer Tsatsue Tsikata and Tony Lithure is a good opportunity for us to know the very essence of this fictional compilation. These people we all know featured strongly in the recent supreme court case, so for us to be told by some group of cowards that they are currently the rich people in Ghana should clearly give you the navigation of such people. There is a proverb in my language that says ?Even if a lie has hundred nipples, none of them gives milk? Ghanaians are too wise and discerning to be served with this tasteless,?odourfarious cheap propaganda.
With my little inquiry about the activities of Forbes and who qualifies to be enlisted on their rich people site. I become very sympathetic with the minds behind this, they need to go back to their respective class room for more tutorial. If these Propaganda Zombies are saying Ato Ahwoi is worth? 680 miilion dollars, then ?he should be the 31st?richest person in Africa, because from the authentic website of Forbes the 30th?richest person in Africa is Cyril Ramaphosa with 700 Million dollars, So how come Ato Ahowi?s name is not on the Forbes .
Not to talks of those they claim have billions and yet not on Forbes list while people with 100 million dollars are enjoying a favorable positions on the Original compilation of the 50 most rich people in Africa. To expose this ill-minded people I am including the list of the rich people in Africa, so my readers can compare the ranks and their value and compare it to the lies been peddle around by some media men( .?And again you can visit the forbes website, at the extreme right corner of your window, there is a space provided to search for any information on their web site. Kindly, type in that space ?the richest people in Ghana?. Forbes is not aware of this lies and has never attempted compiling any list in Ghana with such a heading. So Ghana web and Peace Fm online should come again, we are tired with this Machiavellian Propaganda.
Now let look at the proper methodology Forbes use in tracking rich people in Africa and elsewhere
METHODOOLGY:?Forbes tracks the wealth of African citizens who reside on the continent, thus excluding Sudanese-born billionaire Mo Ibrahim, who is a U.K. citizen, and billionaire London resident Mohamed Al-Fayed, an Egyptian citizen. They ?calculated net worths using stock prices and exchange rates from the close of business on Friday, November 1 thus for this 2013. To value privately-held businesses they couple estimates of revenues or profits with prevailing price-to-sales or price-to-earnings ratios for similar public companies. Any Africa descent that starts making above 100 million is closely monitored by Forbes to ascertain his or her rate of income accumulation or decline. So with this comprehensive methodology one will have a clear understanding of the works of Fobes, rather than sitting in the comfort of your house to throw dust in people eyes because of mere parochial and selfish interest. I believe I have done justice to this lies and Image tarnishing agenda by some media houses to discredit the NDC and President John Mahama.


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