CITI FM?s Singles Mingle held ? Patrons excited

Satisfied patrons of this year?s Singles Mingle say the event should be done on a regular basis to equip them with critical guidelines on matters of love.

This year?s Singles Mingle seminar took place on Saturday at the Sajuna beach club between Senchi and Atimpoku at Akosombo.

This is the second time the event has been organized by Citi FM for young adults to interact with each other, as well as aid them acquire essential life and relationship tips.

Speakers who addressed the forum included, Dzigbordi Dosoo, Amos Kevin-Annan, Renee Q. Boateng and Rev. Bernard Arde-Acquah who spoke on topics such as ?Winning hearts and minds through appearance?,??From hello to I do?,??Enhancing yourself image??and??Understanding the four letter word LOVE??respectively.

One of Ghana?s new comedy sensations, Comedian David Kofi Aglah, also gave the participants a good dose of humor when he took the stage to deliver.

One of the attendees who spoke to Citi News said: ?I have learnt a lot and I?m going to work on certain things. It?s been good.?

Another also described it as educative saying, ?it was refreshing and it was exciting and fun.?

A female participant also told Citi News, ?Dzibordi?s topic; I have really learnt a lot. The body shape, the colour, the dressing so in all, it has been good.? was an official media partner

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