Citi FM?s Healthy Life Promotion Ends With A Short Walk

Citi FM?s Healthy Life Promotion ends on a high

Citi FM?s Healthy Life Promotion was climaxed on a high note with the Citi Power Walk on Saturday at Peduase in Aburi where participants walked from Ayi Mensah to the top of the mountain.

The event which was well attended saw enthusiastic participants from various fitness clubs, individuals and some of the security forces walk to keep fit and healthy.

Some of the participants from the various fitness clubs and security forces who joined in the walk lauded the idea of bringing people together to walk to promote individual health.

?This is a walk for fun and fitness because when you do individual walk it can be boring but when you walk in a team or group it helps and at the end of the day, you get your fitness,? a participant said.

?I think this will help because since we go to work and we are unable to exercise, such exercise helps the body,? another participant added.

One of the participants, Chief Executive of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Sylvester Mensah commended Citi FM for championing the course in raising awareness about the importance of walking to keep healthy.

According to Mr Mensah, individuals should take responsibility for their own health by making it a point to walk everyday and live a healthy lifestyle.

The event was sponsored by the National Health Insurance Authority (your access to healthcare), Pergah Transport, Special Ice Mineral Water and Ernest Chemists Limited.

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