The Civilised Politics for Enhanced Democracy (CiPED) Movement, an action-oriented organisation, would on Tuesday October 21, hold a National consultative conference to promote civility in the country’s political dialogue.

CiPEDThe aim of the conference is to bring together representatives of different stakeholder groups to first of all proclaim their disapproval of insults and personal attacks in the political dialogue system.


CiPED undertakes public campaigns geared towards promoting diplomacy in political dialogues and empowering citizens to engage politicians to advance substance-based discourse.

Mrs Sethlina Opoku-Amankwah, Executive Director, CiPED Movement told Ghana News Agency in Accra that the event is to explore and propose solutions to forestall the extreme politicisation of national issues characterised by direct insults, innuendos and other forms of verbal abuse.

She said the objective of the movement is to facilitate and raise awareness about civilised political discourse.

CiPED would also to promote substance based democratic discourse, attain a change in perception among citizens regarding morally acceptable rhetoric and produce policy relevant recommendations on positive political rhetoric.

She said as a movement members believe that the manner in which ongoing political discourse is conducted is detrimental for system of democratic governance in Ghana and diminishes the cultural values and moral integrity.

The Executive Director observed that despite the successful nature of the installed democratic governance in the country, the movement believed that more progress could be made in order to allow the country and its citizens to fully benefit.

She said there are two main reasons for the observation, which include the penchant of most Ghanaian voting usually along ethnic lines and not on the basis of the substance of the political agenda of the various parties.

Mrs Opoku-Amankwah said there is also verbal abuse and attack of the messenger and not the message deflect attention from the real substance of the debate.

“It is therefore important to create a momentum among citizens that verbal abuse in political discourse is unacceptable and is not encouraged,” she added.

She said the movement is developing an internet based application, which would serve as a platform to access manifestos of all political parties, which would be simplified into bullet format for the public to make informed decisions.

“We will also organise a camp to promoting alliance for young political leaders to enable them share ideas with each other.”



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