Alhaji Mohammed Kwaku Doku, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Asunafo North Municipality, was on Tuesday made Professional Fellow of the Civilian Institute of Democratic Administration (CIDA).

Alhaji Mohammed Kwaku Doku
Alhaji Mohammed Kwaku Doku

Alhaji Doku was one of 20 distinguished personalities honoured for their immense contributions to the development of society and democratic governance in the country.

In a citation read at a ceremony in Tema, Dr Charles Marcus, The West African Regional Representative of the Institute, indicated that the MCE had worked assiduously as the President of the National Association of Local Authorities and as MCE, to promote democratic administration and development.

It said: “his unequaled dedication to the course of democratic administration and commitment to duty is exceptional, as he has through his catalytic attitude, positive and able leadership and much readiness to avail himself, has made great impact on democratic development in his Municipality and beyond.”

The citation further stated that through the dynamism of the MCE, duty consciousness and drive for growth, democratic development in the Asunafo North Municipality had received the needed force it deserved.

It said the kind of peace prevailing in most African countries was as a result of civil rule, since governance and democracy had become widely recognized as prerequisites for sustained growth and development.

The citation noted that in democratic governance, transparency and accountability were fostered and upheld with an enabling legal and regulatory framework, for equitable and sustained national development.

According to citation, over the years, African nations had suffered severe setbacks arising from poor or inefficient leadership which had brought untold hardships and poverty to the people of Africa.

It expressed optimism that, new crop of leaders with the penchant for professionalism will emerge to champion the course of the African continent.

Speaking on effective human resource management, Dr Marcus said inclusiveness was key in resolving conflicts and other workplace inefficiencies, especially in the public sector.

Receiving a plaque, medal and certificates as an award of professional fellow of the institute, Alhaji Doku expressed appreciation to CIDA for selecting him and others to be honoured.

He said the most important value of persons who assumed public office was dedication and commitment to service, and the prioritization of inclusiveness, in a manner that would sustain, and not undermine long-term development.

He dedicated the award to President Mahama for reposing confidence in him, the people of the Asunafo North Municipality and his family, for supporting him in all his undertakings.

The Institute, established in 1999, is a non-profit making body engaged in the promotion of effective and efficient democratic administration in countries with democratic structures.

Source: GNA


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