Story: Robert Ayanful

 Despite the call on the government to create more jobs opportunities to help curb the problem of youth delinquency in the country, the problem has been shifted to the doorstep of the two main religious groups, Christians and Muslims for doing little to educate their youth on how to live a decent life to become a responsible person in the future.

Reacting to a report indicating that about half of Ghanaian Youth between the ages of fifteen and thirty five have become wayward, the Minister in charge of Tabora Branch of the Bethel Prayer Ministry, Rev. Kofi Asare pointed out that the problem cannot be attributed to the lack of creations of opportunities by the government, but that it could also be traced to adequate education of the youth in this churches and mosques.

He said most of these youth only go to church and mosque to worship and pray, but are not prepared to listen to whatever their pastors or Imams have to say, and engage themselves in conversation outside the premises of the church and mosque.

He also blamed the problem on the adoption of foreign cultural practice by the youth at the expensed of the rich African culture.

This he said has made most youth not only in Ghana, but in Africa as a whole to go wayward.

According to Rev. Asare the invasion of technology by which youth can access all manner of information and images have compounded the problem, making it difficult to fight against.

He further blamed the electronic media for adding more to the problems by broadcasting and publishing images and messages that impact negativity on the youth.

He stated that with the responsibility to entertain, educate and inform the masses, the media have a crucial role to play in shaping the future of the youth of the country.


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