The church has been asked to up its effort at protecting the spiritual and moral health of the society.
The Very Reverend Emmanuel Ansah of the Methodist Church said it should teach people to conduct themselves properly – in a way consistent with what “is right”.
He was speaking at the opening of the annual general meeting of the Koforidua Diocesan Methodist Lay Movement Council at Suhum.

“Evangelism, fulfilling the great commission of Christ, challenges of today’s church and the way forward”, was the theme chosen for the event.
The Very Rev Ansah rallied Christians to bring hope to society through the spread of the gospel.

He said winning souls for Christ should not be left to the priests and evangelists alone but that, they should all find space to win over more converts.
Mr. Kwame A. Boafo, Connexional President of the Lay Movement, second guessed many in the church for being “nominal Christians” and not doing enough to help grow the church.
He indicated that if each of them could win at least convert, the congregation could either double or triple within a year.

He urged everybody to be passionate about bringing true bible teachings to the people, to purge the society of everything toxic and evil.
The Right Rev Michael Agyarkwa Bossman, the Diocesan Bishop, urged the Lay Movement to support efforts at strengthening the church’s internal structures for its smooth running.
Mr. Samuel Benjamin Mensah, the Diocesan Chairman of the Movement, called for the church to give strong backing to the fight against illegal mining to safeguard the environment.