THE CAMPAIGN of character assassination and unwarranted vacuous attacks against the personality of the former Finance Minister, Dr Kwabena Duffuor being spearheaded by the Chronicle newspaper and its acting editor, Emmanuel Akli, is getting nauseating and must stop.


A cursory look at the content of the newspaper over the years has revealed a systematic attempt to unduly spew lies against the former Finance Minister with reckless abandon.

This, according to sources close to the minister, has raised eyebrows about the motive of such a vicious campaign since the minster is no longer in public office to attract the envy of detractors. ?What does the Chronicle newspaper and Mr Akli, in particular want from the former minister and who is cowardly behind this?? asked a close source.

Not long ago, the same newspaper published a story to malign the former finance minister with the malicious headline ?Duffuor Seizes NDC Car ? And Reclaims Party Constituency Office,? that sought to attack his integrity in the eyes of right thinking Ghanaians, when facts on the ground did not support the story.

Again, a few days ago, the newspaper also dragged the name of the former minister into the Bankswitch judgment debtsaga and conveniently blamed its own dirty campaign against the former minister on the views of some so-called Ghanaians under the headline ?Hannah Tetteh, Duffuor Must Face Prosecution.?

Just yesterday, the newspaper reported that the former minister has attacked the government in the area of oil under the headline ?Duffuor Punches Govt On Oil?for discontinuing his hedging policy.?

The report written by Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh claimed that Dr Duffuor ?has expressed displeasure with the government for the discontinuation of Ghana?s oil hedging program initiated in 2010.?

The report said the minister was speaking at the 2015 Natural Resource Governance Institute on the theme- ?FallingPrices, Rising Risks,? at St Catherine?s College at Oxford in the United Kingdom and quoted the minister variously to justify the misleading headline that sought to pitch the former minister against the government.

A look at the full statement, however, paints a different picture portrayed by the newspaper. ?In the coming days, the full statement would be published and Ghanaians will judge for themselves,? was how a source summed his appraisal of Mr Akli?s latest campaign against the former finance minister.

Source: Daily Heritage


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