“We cannot all belong to one party, everybody has a choice to belong to any political party and as such it is imperative to understand this and show love and respect to all irrespective of once political affiliation”, he said.

Father Owusu-Ofori
Father Owusu-Ofori

Rev Owusu-Ofori said peace and unity are critical to development of any nation and implored Ghanaians to pray for the country and its leadership as the nation celebrates 59 years of independence.

In a sermon in Accra to mark the 59th anniversary of Ghana’s independence, the Catholic Priest said Christians must thank God for the celebration and continue to pray for success for the country.

He urged Christians to rejoice and to have an encounter with God since that would change their lives, adding that there is joy and gladness in the presence of God.

Rev Owusu-Ofori said this is the 4th Sunday in the season of lent and reminded Catholics to rejoice because God has delivered us from any form of trials as he liberated the Israelites from the bondage of the Egyptians.

He said St Paul said: ‘If you are in Christ, you are indeed a new creation”, saying it behoves on all to have a close relationship with God to be filled with the Holy spirit and stand the test of any temptation.

He implored on Christians especially Catholics to be humble and approach the grace of God with humility devoid of self-righteousness which prevents them of going for confessions, for with God there is fullness of mercy and forgiveness.

The Church sang the national Anthem to commemorate the Day and prayed thanking God for the lives of Ghanaians as it’s celebrate the 59th independence anniversary.

Some of the members of the Church especially the Immaculate Conception Choir were clad in traditional wear with beautiful beads amidst singing to the admiration of all, while others dressed in national colours hoisted the national flag.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, the Church members expressed satisfaction with the celebration since it reminds them of the country’s freedom from the British colonial rule.

“I am in my national colours to mark the day and show how patriotic I am; I am happy to be a Ghanaian and would use this opportunity to appeal to the youth to be vigilant and not allow any politician to use us to cause any violence ahead of the November elections”, a youth member said.

A visit to the Ghana Presbyterian Church, Nima Assembly and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Wegreve congregation in Nima was no different as they marked the anniversary, clad in national colours.

Ghana became the first sub-Saharan country in colonial Africa to gain its independence on March 6, 1957 with Kwame Nkrumah as the first president.

Source: GNA


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