Prophet Kwame Darko-Mensah, the Head of God’s Disciples’ College at South Oyarifa, has described 2017 as a year of salvation which Christians must work to achieve.

“This can only be achieved if we live a righteous life through faith to justify God’s salvation to us,” he said.

Speaking at a New Year church service, Prophet Darko-Mensah said the world was in the end times and it was time Christians recognised the spirit of the Lord in them that made them the sons and daughters of God.

“We all need the Spirit of the Lord in our lives to have His blessings. Whoever God blesses, no one can curse and who ever God curses, no one can bless,” he said.

Prophet Darko-Mensah urged Christians to spread the gospel adding “the time has come for the Lord our God to be revealed to all nations in the world.”


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