Mr Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah, the Adentan Municipal Chief Executive, has called on Christians to collaborate with the Government to address the sanitation problems the country is facing.

“We are all aware of the sanitation situation in the country and it is not the best. Though the President wanted to lift it to the best….where are the people to give him the necessary support to achieve his goal,” he said.


He said about 70 per cent of the population are Christians but “if you start to ask how many of them do the right thing when it comes to sanitation, how many of us will raise our hands?”

Mr Adumuah was speaking at the launch of five books authored by Professor Reverend James Yamoah, the Vice President of Ghana Christian University College, in Accra.

He said plastic waste had taken over the environment and expressed the hope that the books would change characters positively towards sanitations issues.

“As Christians we need to bring out some of the challenges and solutions…otherwise we will be consumed by our own filths”.

The five books are: Holy War: The Consequence of Open Defecation; Fellow Ghanaians, Let’s Stop Open Defecation, Else…; Thus Says The Lord: No Open Defecation, Else..; A Guide to Old Testament Exegetical Dissemination; and Arise and Shine! Be an Instrument of Change to the Youth.

Reverend Dr. Nelson Alhijah, President of the Ghana Christian University College, said open defecation was not only a sanitation or health problem but “it is a holy war, which we must all engage in”.

He said God in His own wisdom advised the Israelites (Deut. 23:13) against open defecation, adding; “If we follow God’s sanitation law, we will leave a holy life and certain things He said will happen will never happen to us,” and urged all to read the books.

Mr Eric Antwi, the Chief Executive Officer of Starbow Airline, urged the public to patronise the books and put their contents into practice.

He was grateful to the Author for choosing to publish all his books in Ghana.

Dr Adelaide Kastner, the Acting Dean of the Central Business School, Central University, said; “God had not planned for humanity to suffer the way we’re currently suffering. The situation in which we are now, we created it for ourselves and must find solutions to it”.

She said the level of open defecation and its consequential diseases were enormous and urged all and sundry to be part of the sanitation campaign to help achieve a “Zero per cent… No Open Defecation”.

“Christian Leaders should take up the responsibility to buy the books and stock them in the libraries and organize seminars on them,” she added.

She, therefore, commended Prof Rev. Yamoah for his vision and passion for addressing sanitation issues affecting the country. Rev. Prof. Yamoah has 10 other books to his credit.


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