Thousands of Christians across Pakistan on Monday mourned 15 people killed by suicide bombers at Mass the day before, in the latest attack against religious minorities in the country.

1000The bombings occurred Sunday in Yohana Abad locality of eastern Lahore city, sparking violent protests by members of Christian community, who later burnt alive two people they accused of aiding the two bombers.

All missionary schools were closed, special prayers for the victims were held at churches and black flags were hoisted at houses in Christian neighborhoods to mark the day.

“This is to show our anger and frustration,” said Sadiq Daniel, Bishop for all churches in Pakistan, “we want more government security for our worship places.”

The governments in Punjab and southern Sindh provinces also announced a day of mourning with the national flag flying half-mast at official buildings and a moment of silence observed.

Members of Christian community held protests in Lahore and Faisalabad, the largest cities of Punjab province, blocking roads at several points, police official Allah Dita Chaudhry said.

Christians make up around 3 per cent of Pakistan’s mainly Muslim population of 180 million.

They have been targeted in attacks and riots in recent years, often over allegations of blasphemy.



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