Pastor Eric Appah Marfo of the Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries International, Cape Coast, has urged Christians to leave a positive mark on society.

He said all humans were on earth for a purpose adding; “All humans have a unique talent, which must be used for the betterment of mankind.”


Pastor Marfo said this during the Palm Sunday Service of the Church to commemorate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

It was on the theme: “You Are Unique.”

He said the colt Jesus rode on into Jerusalem signified how an abandoned creature or a neglected individual could be of benefit to society irrespective of what people thought.

“Your predicament may be like that of the colt, no one sees any good in you. You may have been relegated to the background for a long time and you sometimes doubt the potentials you possess. But God shall make all things beautiful in His own time,” he said.

Pastor Marfo, therefore, used the scriptures to admonish citizens to be patient in all circumstances and never lose hope.

“All things are structured to happen according to a perfect timing. Your existence is never a mistake. You only need to be patient and maintain hope”, he said.

“As you wait for your time to shine, don’t just stay idle. Keep on building your capacity. Learn a new skill, read some good books, attend life-changing seminars and improve upon yourself.”

Pastor Marfo advised people who found themselves in leadership positions and celebrities to use their popularity to build and not to destroy.

“Jesus used His popularity to set the colt free. Do well to use your influence positively. Build people up and don’t break them because God put you in that influential position for a reason. Don’t let your country down,” he said.


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