Poverty Awards
Poverty Awards

Christian Aid Ghana has received recognition for its work in fighting poverty – picking two distinct and prestigious awards for its just ended strategy in 2018.

Christian Aid’s documentary titled “DIGNIFYING LIVES THROUGH GEOP” – highlighting the initial successes achieved through its “Growing Economic Opportunities for Sustainable Development Project, a programme being implemented jointly with four other co-applicant institutions, was awarded the 1st Runner Up position at the European week celebration.


It also collected an award at the Ghana Philanthropy Excellence Awards 2018 for the Category of the “Outstanding Development Impact Award 2018”, for its “phenomenal commitment to fighting poverty, improving the lives of the marginalised and working towards a fair and just society”.

“In a sublime way, these two awards remind us to forge ahead knowing that the ultimate winner in our work are the lives improved through our work and the fight against injustices,” Christian Aid Ghana said in a statement.

“The country programme in Ghana will remember the tremendous achievements of the year 2018, not only for the fact that the year has seen it make major strides at implementing a new ambitious business model that will see the country programme consolidate and scale up the gains in its portfolios on resilient and inclusive market development, economic justice and a very conscious network with private sector institutions,” it added.

The statement said as part of this year’s European week celebration, the European Union (EU) invited submission from the various programmes “it is funding in Ghana” to clearly communicate the impact these collective efforts are making.

Eliciting the strong voice of the lives affected, Christian Aid Ghana submitted a documentary that reflected the success story of the Persons with Disabilities, supported to access economic opportunities and to develop businesses to have thriving livelihood.

It details how their lives had improved and the renewed sense of hope and optimism for them going into the future.

Again, it shows the effective advocacy work on empowering women through access to land and how the traditional authorities are now championing this course.

At the awards, Christian Aid Ghana’s submission was awarded the 1st Runner Up position and has since been shared on various platforms.

The just ended Ghana Philanthropy Excellence Awards 2018 also honoured, Christian Aid Ghana for its works towards enhancing the “citizenry-state interface” through its STAR Ghana programme, funded by the EU, DANIDA and UKAID.

The Award was for the category of the “Outstanding Development Impact Award 2018”, and it recognized Christian Aid Ghana’s “phenomenal commitment to fighting poverty, improving the lives of the marginalised and working towards a fair and just society”.

At the same event, Mr Ibrahim-Tanko Amidu, Programme Director of STAR Ghana, was also awarded the ‘Outstanding Development Personality Award 2018’ in recognition of his capabilities in the development and execution of national development projects and his immense support at strengthening civil society.


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