Achieving multi-platinum success with three legendary bands, Cornell has forged his own unique identity over three decades as a Grammy award-winning, Golden Globe nominated singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer and lyricist.

Featuring newly unearthed archival footage and an extensive interview with the grunge architect, the episode is an in depth look at one of one of rock’s most iconic living frontmen. Along the way Cornell also shares how he got his start as a solo artist and explains why spontaneity is a rarity among musicians today — all while sprinkling anecdotes in anecdotes from his time in Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audioslave.

The episode also highlights Chris Cornell’s new tour and album, both of which find the artist further embracing his songwriting instincts outside of a band dynamic. “The idea that I’m not feeling the song because there’s too much going on, but when there’s nothing but one acoustic guitar performance and singing it works for me — it’s kind of a new thing,” the legendary singer tells LNTV in the piece.

Source: Live Nation TV


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