Chris is looking mighty sad ? hours before Rihanna?s candid interview with Oprah is set to air on ?Oprah?s Next Chapter? this August 19. See the pic and read on for all the details! Chris Brown tweeted a series of photos over the weekend ? displaying some sad emotions. Coincidentally, Rihanna?s candid interview with Oprah for Oprah?s Next Chapter airs tonight on August 19! The majority of the interview will be about their former relationship ? including the 2009 assault. Do YOU think he?s worried?  24-year-old Rihanna admits that her feelings about Chris, 23, are complicated ? and this teary interview definitely showcases her emotions. ?I?m reminded of a lot of things,? she said. ?A lot of good memories. The slightest things?hotel rooms, tour venues, any little thing, music [and] songs. Should Chris be worried about Rihanna?s interview with Oprah?

 Christopher Rogers |


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