Chris Brown graffiti

Chris Brown is surely the most hated neighbour?Reports emerged last week that his neighbours have complained to the City of LA over graffiti murals on his walls, saying, it is a blight on the block.

At the time of the initial report and complaints, it could not be established if Chris who is a talented artist did the graffiti murals himself or some bunch of pissed kids got them there?

Now, the above photo has revealed who is behind the graffiti?Chris Brown himself.

In addition to a possible fine from L.A City officers who have already requested for the graffiti murals to be removed, TMZ says, Chris has been charged $376.32 by the City just to pay for the inspector that was sent to his house. That bill will increase to $1,176 if Chris doesn?t pay within 30 days.

Chris Brown home


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