wpid-CHRAJ.jpgThe Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) is to reward people who report corruption with 10 percent of any amount recovered from the suspect.

This came out during the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan (NACAP) meeting organized by CHRAJ to dialogue with church leaders on how best they could use their platform to help fight the increasing rate of corruption in the country.

Mr Daniel Batidam, a governance advisor in the Office of the President, said corruption needed to be dealt with at all levels of society.

He expressed regret that now it is assumed that everybody in high position is corrupt.

Mr Batidam said other countries had been able to fight corruption through their collective efforts and urged Ghanaians to also adopt such attitude.

Mr Charles Ayamdoo, the Director of Anti-Corruption, CHRAJ, said people looked up to religious leaders for direction and hence they are a powerful tool to help campaign against corruption.

Mr Ayamdoo said religious leaders must encourage their members to avoid corrupt behaviors by using their platforms as a medium.

“Investigative staff in Ghana are not up to 2000 considering our population of 24 million and this is a challenge in fighting corruption and religious groups should step in,” he said.



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