The Commissioner for the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Mrs Laurretta Vivian Lamptey says she will waive her post as board member of the Ghana Commercial Bank.
Bending to pressure from the Centre for National Affairs (CNA), she said she will quit in nine weeks.
The pressure group has been on a campaign to get the Commissioner of CHRAJ to either resign her post or quit her position as a board member of GCB.
The CNA argues that she violates Article 221 of the 1992 Constitution and CHRAJ Act 456, which prohibits a Commissioner from occupying any other public position once in office.
Subsection 2 of section 2 of the CHRAJ Act said: “The Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner shall not while holding office as Commissioners hold any other public office.”
The CHRAJ Commissioner has till now defended her membership on the GCB board arguing that her dual positions in no way affected her work.
She said her consultations showed that board membership does not constitute a public office.
“I want to repeat that the position at GCB is not an appointment by state and so I have not breached any law, as far as I know. I consider myself a person with integrity. I have done my research, consulted people with apt constitutional knowledge and I know that I do not hold two state positions,” Mrs Lamptey said in a radio interview in Accra.


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