Chox-Mak & Dr.G Audio Murder Vol.2 (Lethal Injection) (EP)By DJ Yrs Jerzy
Chox-Mak is proving why he is the next artist to blow up in the music industry he is most likely one of the hardest working up and comers out there. He connectted with his common collaborator DR. G out of the UK and made a classic for his fans better known as “The Choxen Ones”.
Every track tells a unique story of Chox-Mak’s life and the struggles he’s been through. He makes real music for his fans and continues to make the people tune into the movement. Audio Murder Vol.2 (Lethal Injection) Just might be one of his greatest projects to date. Just sit back and listen to listen to the “90’s FLow” that Chox-Mak and DR.G have delivered to the people. It will be one of the most unique 4-Track EP’s you have heard in a long time.


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