Stansted airport hotels are very popular accommodations for tourists coming from various parts of the world. Most of these hotels fall in the close vicinity of the airport, thus making it easier for the travelers to commute between the airport and hotel. In addition, they are close to some famous business areas and touristic attractions, which mean that they are the perfect place to stay in for both business as well as simple holidaymakers. However, when it comes to selecting hotels near the airport, it is not an easy task, because one needs to look into the pros and cons before booking any of the airport hotels.

The first thing one need to consider while choosing a hotel is that it should provide the necessary comfort and luxury. It means there should be the essential amenities and facilities such as delicious food and drinks, comfy beds to sleep, hot tea and coffee, medical help, satellite TV, free internet access, and 24 hour pantry shop service to mention a few.

Not to forget, a caring and courteous hotel staff is also required so that you can get excellent services. Apart from all this, a good hotel should also offer a soothing ambience to relax the tired guests who come from different corners of the world. So, make sure that the hotel you choose ensures you all the comfort and convenience during your stay.

The second most important to consider is to choose a hotel is to look for airport parking. Stansted airport hotels provide different types of parking deals. You will find short-term parking options, which allow you to park your vehicle only for few hours. On the other hand, there will be some long-term parking options, which are meant to provide you with up to 15 day parking.

Most hotels these days offer parking within the price of room, while many others charge nominal amount of money to park your car. It is also important to consider whether the hotel provides free airport shuttle to pick and drop passengers between the airport and the hotel, because, this will make your travel a hassle-free process.
The third important thing is to consider the location of Stansted airport hotels. If you are a business traveler, make sure you choose an accommodation that is close to business areas and provides you with maximum business facilities like internet access, television, hot coffee and tea, library, business center and so on. While if you are on a family travel, choose hotels that offer free stay for kids. Consider the size of the rooms and be sure that the rooms are quite spacious. Keep in mind that the accommodation falls in the proximity of popular touristic destination. Finally, price is the essential factor. Compare the prices of various packages and finally select the one that suits both your budget and the needs.

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