Who doesn’t dream of a vacation on the warm beaches of Florida? Florida’s Emerald Coast attracts 4.5 million tourists every year and over 80% of them stay in Destin, which sits on a peninsula that was once upon a time an island. If you’re trying to decide on your next vacation destination, consider Destin, as Destin beach rentals are actually very affordable and let you take in views of the ocean every morning and enjoy the excitement of Florida’s nightlife by night.

About Destin, Florida

Destin is located in Okaloosa County with a population of over 12,000, although this population soars every year during the tourist season. Destin is located on a small peninsula that separates the Gulf of Mexico from Choctawhatchee Bay and this peninsula was once an island.

Destin is by far the most popular city along the Emerald Coast and Destin beach rentals are usually more affordable than the surrounding areas. This magical setting allows you to enjoy crystal-clear, emerald waters breaking against some of the whitest sand beaches on earth with sand that once came from the Appalachian Mountains and is actually made of ground quartz crystal.

Destin is nicknamed the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village and it’s known for excellent fishing. If you’re in the mood, you can even charter a vessel right from the harbor and enjoy a day with the family on the water and catching dinner. If you’re staying in a hotel, of course, fishing for dinner is out of the question. With Destin condo rentals, though, you get access to a fully furnished condominium on the beach with a stocked kitchen to fry up your catch.

Where to Find Destin Rentals

If you’re considering Destin condo rentals for your vacation, you’re in luck.

Destin has many luxury high-rise condominiums, many of which are right along the beach, and a large number of these condos are used exclusively by visitors to Destin. After all, the population of a mere 12,000 swells to more than 40,000 during the peak tourist season every year.

If you’re planning to rent a Destin condo, you can either look for private rentals from owners or use a property management company. The second option is typically the best as you’ll review a contract beforehand, understand exactly what you will get and you’ll usually get a better price and a better selection.

Tips for Renting a Beachfront Condo

Before you get carried away and sign a rental agreement, do yourself a favor and take these tips.

Save money by planning your trip for the off-season to avoid higher rates.Check the minimum stay requirement, which is usually 7 days during the peak tourist season in Destin.Ask lots of questions beforehand. If the condo is advertised as “near the beach,” make sure you know just how close that is. Look at pictures of the condo you will be renting and get shots of each room.Understand all rental terms before signing, such as the deposit you need to pay and cleaning fees you could be responsible for.Understand what’s included in the rental, such as a DVD player and DVD library or WiFi.Book early as Destin rentals go quickly, particularly during the tourist season!

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