bkf-repair“An Inconsistency Was Encountered on the Requested Media” – Choose BKF Repair as Resolution

If you are encountering error messages of all different sorts for your requested media, you can try recovering your data from the BKF recovery tool, which can even perform recovery of data from the BKF files that are backup files which might have been corrupted.


For any or every data that is lying on your hard-drive, Windows NT backup tool create these backup storage files AKA BKF files. ?So even if you loose your original data or deleted files or even corrupt files, there is that assurance at the back of your mind that you can still recover that data from the BKF storage files. ?But you will be surprised to know that even these backup storage files or BKF files sometimes get corrupt, and even third-party tools are sometimes fall short in recovering all the data items from these corrupt BKF files.


What to do With Corrupt BKF files?

It is worthy to note here that after you have deleted any original data or your original data got corrupt due to any reason, the BKF files or backup files are the only chance that you can get back your data. ?What if this BKF file gets corrupt? This is a rare scenario, but certainly it is possible that BKF files may get corrupt at times as these have also been occupying some space in this universe. ?So, to get back your data in case you have failed to recover it from the original source, and at the time, unable to recover your data from these BKF files, you are left with no option other than seeking help from a third-party utility tool, i.e., BKF Recovery tool. ?The most recommended tool for performing absolutely safe BKF Recovery is the BKF Recovery tool which can not only repair but can also extract any vital information that a corrupt BKF file may possess. ?This is how you can deal with this situation and emerge out as a winner.


Consider a scenario where you are formatting and restoring the Windows server 2003, and you suddenly encounter an error message from nowhere saying that there is an inconsistency in for requested media.


These inconsistencies certainly happen due to corruption of BKF files. ?So, for the backups taken on different tape Medias, you must restore the back files one by one rather than bulking this operation to save your time and effort. ?This way you can prevent any data loss and rescue yourself from this threat caused by the above error message. ?There are cases that even if you try using this methodology and keep your backup at multiple locations that can itself be the causative factor for BKF corruption. ?No wonder, SysTools BKF Recovery tool will definitely come handy to have-on-hand to back all that crucial data that you need to recover.

Summary: A backup BKF file though a data rescuer file is also a computer-generated file and thus subject to corruption, so we cannot rule out the possibility of its damage; all we can do is to go for BKF repair in case it happens.

Author Bio: Masterpieces come from masterminds like the team sitting in the office of this vendor where masterminds produce masterpiece solutions for data recovery like the one available for BKF repair.


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