choleraThe Jomoro District of the Western Region has become the second hot stop for the cholera outbreak in the country, after Accra.
Health officials in the area are worried over the increasing number of cases reported at health posts over the past week –just when the situation in Accra has come under control.
Official figures show there have been two deaths with some 33 others infections.
The Medical Assistant In-charge of the Elubo Health Centre, Mr Thomas Kwesi Addai told a team of health sector officials who were in the area to assess the situation that, the infected persons had been treated and discharged but for eight severe cases who have been put under observation at the health centre.
People living along the Tano River are especially at risk of infection. The putrid river serves as drinking and a domestic-use source of water for the over 10 communities along its path. Most of the cases are from these communities.
By Mid-April Accra had recorded 826 cases of cholera with 17 confirmed deaths as compared to 3,000 cases and 24 deaths recorded within the same period last year.
The two dead in Jomoro are Grace Taylor, 42, and Kwasi Nyameke, 57. They have since been buried.
The officials who went in the inspection tour included Sylvester Dadieh, the District Chief Executive; Abudu Amadu, Jomoro, District Coordinating Director; Raymond Serwoh, Jomoro District Environmental Health officer; and Joseph Azabire, the District Disease Control Officer.
The DCE assured more attention will be given to curtailing a further escalation of the disease and asked people in the high risk areas to take precaution.
Some precautionary measures for cholera prevention:
  • Always wash hands with soap after attending nature’s call.
  • Always wash hands with soap before cooking.
  • Cook food thoroughly and eat it while it is hot.
  • Keep water containers clean and do not put hands in drinking water.
  • Fish and shellfish are a major cause of cholera: only eat them if they are well cooked.
  • Do not mix cooked foods with raw foods like salads.
  • Discourage the habit of several people eating together from a communal food container.
  • Do not drink untreated water. When in doubt boil water before drinking.


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