Cholamandal artist’s village in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is a major tourist attraction. You could see beautiful art galleries, museums, open air theatres and many others. Various theatre performances are held occasionally.

Timings of the village

You could visit the place from10 am to 5 pm. Once you reach Golden beach, you need to travel 10 minutes by foot to reach this destination. You could book bus tickets to reach the place from Chennai bus stand.

Many hardworking artists are developing masterpieces for the village. The paintings are displayed not only in the village gallery, but across the world too. You could hire a bus or a car to travel 9 kilometers from Chennai.

Employees of the village

Around 20 painters and sculpturers are employed here.

Beautiful paintings, sketches, terracotta, metal sculptures, batiks are produced by these artists. 

Person behind the success of the artist’s village

K. C. S. Paniker, principal of Madras school of arts is responsible for developing beautiful village with determination and dedication. He is continuously bringing innovations to the museum and galleries.

He appointed few artists in the initial stage. Now, the numbers of artists are increasing day by day.

People are eagerly waiting to be a part of this job.

Other tourist attractions

You could see other tourists’ attractions like hill stations namely Vdhagamandalam, Kodaikanel, Yercaud, Coonor, Topslip, Valparai, Velagiri, Majolai and many others. Nilgiri hills, Palami hills, Shevaray hills, Cardamom hills and Kolli hills are attracting the tourists worldwide.

The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks

Kalakkad Mundanthurai reserve for tigers and Mukurthi national park are habitat of many wildlife species. Some of the other wildlife sanctuaries are Mudumalai national park, Gulf of Munnar biosphere, Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary, Vendanthangal bird sanctuary, Arignar Anna zoological park and many others.

You could see tropical dry thorn forests, tropical semi evergreen forests and many others.

Wildlife Species Found at this Place

You could see tigers, Indian leopard, striped hyena, sloth bear, Indian elephants, gray langur, gaur, sambar deer, chital deer, indian muntjac, indian spotted chevrotain, rodents like Indian giant Squirrel, red giant flying squirrel and many others.

Reptiles like python, fly lizard, spectacled cobra, krait and Asian pit vipers are living there. There are about 227 bird species out of which 110 are insecticides, 62 are carnivores, 23 are fisheries and 12 are omnivores. You could find black and orange flycatcher, Malabar trogon, Malabar grey hornbill, rufous bellied hook eagle and many others.

How to reach the destination

You could travel by air, by rail or by road to reach Chennai. Chennai is supported by many international and domestic airports. Traveling by road is the most comfortable mode of transport. You could buy bus tickets online.

Best time to visit the destination

Tamil Nadu receives heavy rainfall in monsoons. Months from June to September receives rainfall with strong southwest winds. You could visit the state in winters or monsoons. 

Other temples

Temples in Karur, Bavani, Namakkal, Tiruchander, Thiruvarur, Vellore, Coimbatote, Kanyakumari, Gangaikonde, Tiruthani, Kumarakom and many others are the popular pilgrim centers.

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