Xiaomi's smartphones,
Xiaomi's smartphones,

Doreen Tum was in buoyant mood on Sunday afternoon as she engaged sales representatives at a Tecno shop in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi to learn about how to use a Tecno Phantom 6 model she had bought a fortnight ago.

The communications specialist in her mid 30s bought the slick Tecno smartphone after nudging from friends and was impressed by its outstanding qualities like a longer power retention and high processing speed.

During an interview with Xinhua at the Tecno shop located at the heart of Nairobi’s Central Business District, Tum said acquiring Phantom 6 was a game changer in her personal and professional lives.

“So far, I’m satisfied by the service offered by Phantom 6 that is starkly different from other smartphones I have been using. It has a state of the art camera that takes clear and beautiful pictures,” said Tum.

She added that Phantom 6 which has created a buzz in Kenya’s burgeoning Smartphone market is not only a status symbol but can be of profound use to white collar professionals.

“It is possible to perform a variety of tasks using Phantom 6 that include downloading light documents, browsing news and sending pictures to family and friends,” Tum remarked.

She is among a growing number of Kenyans who have embraced one of China’s leading smartphone brands, Tecno, owing to its slickness, affordability and durability.

Justine Mbae, a middle aged businessman, developed a strong affinity towards Tecno after acquiring the gadget last year.

“Before I learnt about the benefits of using a tecno Smartphone, I endured months of frustration with a foreign model that kept on hanging and draining power at breakneck speed,” said Mbae.

He disclosed his intentions to buy a Tecno Camon CX for his daughter who recently graduated from a mid-level college.

Kenya has emerged as a lucrative market for Chinese smartphones that include OPPO, Huawei and Tecno thanks to rising incomes among the urban middle classes as well as high levels of exposure among ordinary citizens.

Dickson Ireri, the Head of Training and Sales Department Manager at Tecno, Kenyan office said that both Camon CX and Camon CX Air have resonated powerfully with youthful clients thanks to their sophisticated features.

“Both Tecno CX and CX Air are moving very fast. Our customers are looking for a phone with a good camera that can take quick, bright and clear pictures,” said Ireri.

He revealed that Tecno has edged out its rivals to command the largest share of the smartphone market in east and central Africa.

Kenyans drawn from modest and high income brackets are enthusiastic about owning a Tecno smartphone given its upgraded features that include a high resolution camera, long-lasting battery and high speed processor.

Felista Wanini, a 28-year-old business administration major said that her experience with Tecno in the last one week has been a welcome respite to the agony of using poor quality smartphones from other parts of the world.

“This is my first time for me to use a Tecno smartphone and it has been a refreshing experience. I Iove the camera and use it to take pictures and selfies for posting on my social media platforms,” said Wanini.

She learnt about the latest Tecno smartphone model in the Kenyan market through a newspaper advert and used her savings to purchase one in an upscale shopping mall.

The freelance marketer said owning a Tecno smartphone has elevated her standing among peers.

“Whenever I take pictures using the Tecno phone and send them to my friends, they always applaud their beauty and clarity. The phone downloads word documents very fast and it is ideal for use in an office environment,” Wanini told Xinhua.

Kenyan youth who are globally renowned for their tech-savvy are determined to own a Tecno smartphone aware it holds key to efficient communication at professional and personal levels.

Joshua Saruni, a 26-yea-old beautician, said that acquiring Phantom 6 plus that retails at 300 dollars in the Kenyan market would improve his social and professional lives.

“I’m yearning to buy Phantom 6 plus and I trust it will add luster to my work and personal relationships. As a beautician, I’m expected to showcase my expertise to potential clients through posting different hair styles or lotions on my social media platforms,” Saruni told Xinhua. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/NewsGhana.com.gh


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