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Zambia Chinese Association (ZCA) chairman Zhang Jian said Tuesday that the Chinese businesses have resolved to work together with the police in setting up the security watch teams in selected areas of Lusaka, the country’s capital.

Zambia map“Every neighborhood watch will have a member from Zambia Chinese Association who will be responsible for the registration of the Chinese nationals within respective areas and draft rapid response route during an emergency,” he said when the association donated a vehicle to the Zambia Police Service.

Chinese investments have soared in Zambia in recent years to about 3 billion U.S. dollars. There are currently over 570 Chinese companies operating in Zambia, according to the Chinese Embassy.

Pan Qingjiang, political counselor at the Chinese Embassy, said the embassy has been working on a joint task force to protect Chinese nationals in Zambia, and will continue to work with the police to enhance security.

Kakoma Kanganja, head of the Zambia Police, said an increase in foreign investments has attracted criminals who were targeting businesses operating in the country, which required concerted efforts with all stakeholders to curb crimes.

Chinese firms have fallen prey to attacks by criminals in Zambia in recent months.

In December last year, the police shot dead five bandits who had attempted to rob a Chinese-owned company in Lusaka. One Chinese injured in the robbery.

In November, three Chinese nationals died while three others sustained injuries when criminals broke into their living quarters at their company in Kitwe city, Copperbelt Province. The criminals got away with undisclosed amounts of money. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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