Government has been called to control the economic activities of Chinese nationals and importers to sustain local businesses.

Mr Collins Yeboah, the Chief Executive Officer of KY Blessing Enterprise, dealers in electrical appliances, who made the call, expressed annoyance that Chinese importers were gradually taking over retail jobs reserved for Ghanaian citizens.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency market survey team in Sunyani, Mr Yeboah said the door-to-door and hire purchase sales adopted by Chinese importers was killing local businesses.

He said many Chinese nationals have diverted from being importers and were now engaged in selling electrical appliances, flat screen televisions and refrigerators.

“Aside doing our own businesses we also create jobs for our local people as means to augment government efforts to reduce unemployment but the activities of these Chinese are collapsing the local market”, Mr Yeboah said.

“They are selling out flat screen television sets, refrigerators, roofing sheets, gas cylinders, rice cooker, blenders and many other on hire purchase”, he said.

Mr Yeboah said though the private sector remained the engine of growth, government ought to draw and implement policies that would benefit local investors and businesses people.

Separately, Mr Alfred Tetteh, the Brong-Ahafo Regional Chairman of Trade Union Congress, called on the Ministry of Trade and Industry to act quickly to address the problem.

He said it was unlawful for foreign nationals to engage in petty businesses in the country.