A Chinese-funded wood template factory has been inaugurated in Angola’s central Huambo province by Angolan Minister of Industry Bernada Martins to facilitate the post-war reconstruction process. Angola
Speaking to over 200 factory workers and local villagers at the opening ceremony, Bernada Martins thanked the Guotai company from China’s Jiangsu province for opening the factory at the Katchiuungo district of Huambo, some 800 kilometers east of the capital city of Luanda.
The factory, opened last Saturday, would not only be conducive to the development of local economy and the post-war reconstruction efforts, but also provided over 150 jobs to local residents, including 20 women, helping to alleviate the acute unemployment problems in local communities and also help to lift the status of women in local society, the minister said.
General Manager of the factory Qu Feng said his plant, built up with an investment of over 40 million RMB yuan (6.5 million U.S. dollars), was able to produce wood templates of different sizes and specifications as provided by potential customers.
Qu Feng thanked the local government for facilitating all necessary legal and business procedures to open the wood factory, one of the largest of its kind in Huambo province, and said the factory’s products would be sold locally in Huambo and to neighboring provinces and Luanda as well.
The general manager said his company planned to plant more trees in neighboring areas in collaboration with local authorities and residents for the sake of forest conservation and sustainable development of the region. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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