Chinese enterprises have been urged to consider partnering with pineapple farmers to establish a pineapple processing plant in Zambia’s North-Western province for value addition purposes which will result in job creation, a cooperative official said on Thursday.

Mwinilunga pineapple cooperative representative Guy Lualaba said all pineapples were just being sold at the market place without any value addition.


“The pineapple processing plant that was in Mwinilunga district some decades ago, became non-functional and ruined. To-date there is no pineapple processing plant and most farmers end up traveling long distances to sell their produce,” he said.

Speaking in an interview with Xinhua, Lualaba said Chinese investors have the technology and innovation to develop the pineapple processing plant that will open doors for exports of the produce to foreign markets.

“Various products such as juices can be produced at the processing plant and can contribute towards income generation for the benefit of Zambia’s economy,” he said.

According to Lualaba, there is high production of the cash crop which he said has a readily available yawning market in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

And North-Western Chamber of Commerce Industry president Mukumbi Kafuta said any investment that will bring about economic development in the province is welcome.

“What we look for is foreign investment that will enhance economic development in the province which has several natural resources and abundant land for agriculture purposes,” he said.

Kafuta added the Chinese investors have the resources to set up agriculture processing plants in Zambia to foster development, especially with the cordial bilateral relations enjoyed between the two countries. Enditem


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