Thanks to the continuous blistering heatwave across many parts of China, the number of online and offline orders for late-night snacks in China’s major cities has more than doubled, reported 21st Century Education Research Institute.

The data showed that for one of the most popular online food ordering platforms in China the top ten most vibrant cities for the late-night snack economy is Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Xiamen, and Nanjing.

According to the research institute, the performance of the late-night snack economy reflects a city’s vitality in terms of its industries, population, employment, wealth, environment, and other factors.

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With the largest number of food orders and the highest sales volume during late night, Shanghai is among the top cities in many rankings. For example, Shanghai also ranks highest in the nation in per capita disposable income and newly-add job opportunities.

Beijing is the only northern city among the top ten of late-night snack orders. Beijing ranks sixth due to its long winter period and relatively low temperatures at night. Wuhan, the only central city on the list, ranks seventh for its large number of higher education institutes, which provides the city with many young people who love to treat themselves with some delicious late-night snacks.

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By Hu Ximeng (People’s Daily Online/