Chu Yanli, Senior Counselor at the Foreign Affairs office of the Fujian provincial government told Xinhua in an interview that the province is prepared to cooperate with Ghana in various fields where Fujianese have expertise and interest.


She told Xinhua during a one-day Ghana Economic Outlook and Business Strategy Conference held here on Jan. 20.
The theme of the conference features Ghanaians’ concern about how to move forward industrialization.

“Now Fujian already has stepped into the mature industrialization, and we have more than needed manufacturing capacity so we need to find some partners abroad, especially in Africa to share our experience and to share our advantages and we think Ghana is one of the best choices,” She said.

She expressed delight that there are already Fujianese companies operating in the country with much success.
“In terms of the cooperation in the manufacturing sector: I would like to take the example already happening.

Sentuo steel company and cement factory both were built and owned by Fujianese and according to my knowledge, a lot of investors are interested in this very good environment and this very good open market here,” Chu added.

The official stressed also that Fujianese investment interest in Ghana is not only in the manufacturing sector but also energy sector which is one of the fields Ghana and Fujian can go for further cooperation with.

The conference is held once every year to bring policy makers and private sector together on one platform to discuss the country’s economic priorities for the year.

Minister For Trade and Industries, Ekwow Spio-Garbrah said the goal of the government is to seek ways of adding value to its minerals and natural resources.

“This year, with the theme of industrialization we are thinking through, from Ghana’s point of view, how to really beneficiate or add value to most of our natural resources: agro and minerals, ” Spio-Garbrah intimated.

He stressed that industrialization for Ghana is the introduction of mechanized, automotive, automated and technological interventions to convert many of the country’s vast raw materials from their raw states into a finished state.

“There is nothing more than turning our gold, which we have been exploring and exploiting for 500 years from just raw gold into jewelry,” the minister relished. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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