China-US ties
China-US ties

As China-US ties are now coming to a transitional juncture after the US presidential election, it is of vital importance for both nations to keep their relationship to the right track.

China-US ties
China-US ties
Donald Trump, the US President-elect, has outlined his policy plans for the first days in office, but the nomination of House members is still in preliminary stage. Against such background, the new government’s domestic and foreign policies, as well as its Chinese policies deserve further observation.

The cooperation and exchanges between China and the US have reached an unprecedented high after the two countries established diplomatic ties 37 years ago. Over the past three years, guided by the strategic consensus reached by Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Barack Obama to build a new model of major-country relationship, substantial progress has been yielded from bilateral ties.

The bilateral ties also maintained a steady momentum in this election year as the two parities chose not to make hypes over China or Sino-US relations.

Up to now, the two countries have not only hit record highs in trade volume, two-way investment and personnel exchanges, but also launched fruitful collaborations on major regional and international agendas. These outcomes have laid a solid foundation for a promising bilateral relationship, and meanwhile exhibited the strategic importance and global influence of Sino-US ties.

China and US are now moving towards the right direction in terms of bilateral ties. Xi sent a congratulatory message and had phone conversation with Trump after he won the presidential election, during which Xi briefed on China’s basic stance towards bilateral ties. The two leaders also reached important consensus amid a positive atmosphere.

Xi stressed the critical opportunity and huge potential for China-US cooperation, calling on both nations to enhance coordination, boost economy of both sides and the whole world, and reinforce all-front exchanges for the sake of better prospect of bilateral relations and benefits of the two peoples.

Trump also expected the US and China to seek better relations through win-win cooperation. Xi and Trump agreed to keep close contact and meet with each other soon, setting the tone and charting the course for future bilateral ties.

Currently, China is striving for its “two centenary goals” and the rejuvenation of “Chinese Dream”. In the meantime, Trump, in his election campaign, promised to make America great again by doubling economic growth, creating more jobs, building more infrastructure and boosting friendship with major countries such as China and Russia.

It indicates that China and the US share a spate of common grounds in their development strategies and interests. In addition, both of them share key responsibilities and enjoy cooperation potential in guarding world peace and global development.

It is predicted that the bilateral cooperation will bring tremendous benefits to the world, while conflicts and confrontations mean disaster for both countries and the globe. Cooperation is the only right choice.

In addition, the wide-ranging public support as well as their aspiration for friendship and cooperation will help drive the long-term and stable development of bilateral relations.

Now 46 pairs of sister provinces/states and 212 pairs of sister cities have been established between the two countries. A total of 4.75 million people traveled between the two countries in 2015, and the figure is expected to exceed 5 million this year. Meanwhile, both sides hosted more than 500,000 international students from the other side.

To celebrate the China-US Tourism Year, Beijing hosted the opening ceremony at the beginning of this year and Washington held the closing ceremony recently. Bilateral think-thank and youth exchanges are flourishing as well.

These evidences have proven that Sino-US relationship has brought tangible benefits to the two countries and their peoples, and that the sound progress will serve the fundamental interest of the two peoples.

China and the US now have to ensure a successful relationship since their ties are so important to the current international order. The two countries, standing at a new standing point, will definitely reap more fruits from their ties as long as they focus on common interests, adapt to new changes and follow the principle of non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation.

By Zhong Sheng from People’s Daily/


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