crime scene
crime scene

The Ugandan police on Thursday said China will train its officers in advanced investigations on criminal activities, including fighting terrorism and cybercrime.

Emilian Kayima, Ugandan Police Spokesperson told Xinhua that China’s public security experts will offer trainings on crime intelligence to fight criminal activities, combating terrorism and cybercrime, community policing, use of modern technology, among others.

The decision was reached between Uganda’s Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura and acting Chinese ambassador to Uganda, Chu Maoming, who led China’s public security officials on Wednesday.

“The IGP hosted a Chinese delegation and discussed a number of issues including the need to train our officers in investigations. Further discussions and modalities will be held on how it (training) will be done, the numbers involved and the expertise needed,” said Kayima.

Ugandan police officers have been traveling to the Asian country for various training programs in the recent past.

Kayima said further trainings and cooperation, especially on crime intelligence will help improve the capacity building of the force to fight criminal activities in the East African country.

“By training our intelligence officers, their levels of performances will be higher and this translates into justice, security and harmony which is great to everyone,” said Kayima.

Kayihura on Wednesday said there is need to establish a liaison office between Uganda police and China to help in information sharing due to the high Chinese population in the country.

The comments came following recent killings and armed attacks on the Chinese living in the country.

At least three Chinese women have been killed in Uganda in less than a year. Enditem

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