Sun Baohong in a meeting with Mr Seth Terkper
Sun Baohong in a meeting with Mr Seth Terkper

Chinese envoy to Ghana Sun Baohong declared here on Thursday the readiness of her country to deepen economic cooperation with Ghana.

Sun Baohong in a meeting with Mr Seth Terkper
Sun Baohong in a meeting with Mr Seth Terkper

This, she says, is to ensure that the bilateral relations continue to be more beneficial to the two countries.
The Ambassador Plenipotentiary made this pledge in her keynote speech during the final round of the 2015 ENACTUS Ghana national competitions.

Ghana and China established bilateral relations 55 years ago. Bilateral trade between them hit 5.6 billion U.S. dollars last year, with Ghana?s export to China reaching 1.4 billion dollars.

?China has become an important destination of tourism, overseas study and business for Ghanaian people,? Sun stated.

There are 3,400 self-financing Ghanaians undertaking studies in China?s institutions, making Ghana number one in Africa, while many Chinese investors have turned serious attention towards Ghana in recent times.
The ambassador therefore lauded the growing trade relations and said the two countries should even do more.
?We are ready to strengthen cooperation with Ghana on a win-win basis and implement more projects conforming to Ghana?s needs. Ghana is endowed with a highly open market, well-educated workforce, geographical advantage and a relatively good foundation for development,? Sun stated.

She said China?s approach towards industrial development could, for example, help Ghana in its quest to transform the economy into an industry and export- base one.

?Now, Ghana is pursuing industrialization and export-oriented strategy. Taking over competitive industry capacity from China can complement Ghana?s ?inner-growth? approach, revitalize its manufacturing sector, buttress the backbone and risk-resistant capacity of Ghana?s economy, and reduce the trade deficit with China,? she suggested.

Alluding to the friendly relations that have existed between Ghana and China over the past 55 years, the ambassador plenipotentiary stressed that China considered Ghana as an important partner in its quest to establish an industrial and equipment manufacturing cooperation with African countries.

?Our two countries enjoy traditional friendship with sound basis for cooperation and strong desire to collaborate. China?s development under the New Normal is an opportunity for the whole world, and for that matter, Ghana,? she added.

She urged the Ghanaian ENACTUS team to win this year?s competition to be prepared to meet the Chinese champions.

?Last May, the ENACTUS team from Jinan University became the champions in the national competition with the ?green project? which turns kitchen waste into organic fertilizer.

?I would like to inform in advance the Champion of Ghana that the Chinese team is waiting for you in South Africa. I also wish the ENACTUS team representing Ghana good luck in 2015 South Africa World Cup,? Sun added.
Comfort Kwarteng, representative of the ENACTUS national board, urged the participating institutions to keep the championship flame ablaze.

?Your participation is strengthening our vision to be a catalyst for the development of leaders who will create a better world through business.?

There were nine tertiary institutions participating but only four qualified for the national finals of the 2015 ENACTUS project. Formerly known as Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE), the international non-profit organization brings together students, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurship to improve the quality of life of communities.

Michael Ogbodu, an Accounting student of the University of Management Studies in the Ghanaian capital, said the competition had instilled the discipline of applying knowledge acquired in the classroom into fruitful projects.

?It?s been very tough and challenging also. But I believe in all it has given us students the platforms to solve various social issues with textbook knowledge we learned from the classroom and make a difference in our world,? he stated. Enditem.


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