The 2017 seminar for renowned presenters from Africa has officially commenced in the Chinese capital of Beijing, with the aim of providing a platform for communication and discussion to enhance best best practice.

The seminar, organized by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China is also to enhance traditional friendship and cooperation between China and other developing countries, as well as promote China’s human resource development and economic and social development.

Han Liqiang, Deputy Director of China International Publishing Group (CIPG) , at the opening ceremony, said there were 35 participants from 10 African countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Somalia, among others, participants.
He said the seminar would afford participants the opportunity to get to understand China’s culture, politics, history and economic background.

Major activities of the course would include themed lectures, workshops and study tours to some cities, institutions, and companies, he said.

Wang Gangyi, Vice President, CIPG, said the seminar was also aimed at enhancing the already existing relations between China and Africa and to develop the human resource capacity of journalists in Africa.

He said the CIPG undertook international publishing in various forms through social media, traditional book publishing, magazines, periodicals, weekly monthly magazines in English and French.

He said the role the media played had an impact on the social and economic development in every country and that, China’s mass media was part of the opening up of China to the world and the drastic change in its business development.

Mr Wang said it was quite interesting to note that the mass media had grown to help push forward the socio-economic and political development of most countries, adding that, for China, factors like social stability, policy consistency and international unity had driven its success forward.

He urged the participants to take advantage of their two-weeks stay to share experiences and ideas from their various countries and learn more about China’s rapid success story for emulation.

Source: GNA/


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