Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong on Thursday conveyed the message to his counterpart, Rose Gottemoeller, in an arms control dialogue in Washington.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong
Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong

The United States began to plan the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile defense system in South Korea after the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea launched in early February a rocket, which was seen as a long-range ballistic missile launch.

The U.S. missile shield can intercept and destroy ballistic missiles inside or outside the atmosphere during their final phase of flight.

China has repeatedly and unequivocally expressed its opposition to the plan, saying that such a move will exacerbate regional tensions and seriously harm the strategic security interests of China and other countries in the region.

In the dialogue, the two sides exchanged in-depth views on regional and global security issues of common concern, including global nuclear governance, outer space safety, missile defense, and non-proliferation.

The next round of dialogue will be held in the second half of this year. Endi

Source: Xinhua


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