CaptureAble Imports and Exports Trading Company Limited in Beijing, China has celebrates its 10th anniversary of its successful operation in the country.

The ceremony was used to take stock of the company’s achievements to enable it move ahead with new strategies that would help achieve its stated mission and vision.

During the event, Ghana?s Ambassador to China, Anane Demyakor says Ghana is ready to take full advantage of China’s economic boom and create opportunities that will promote business partnerships between the two countries.

According to him, Ghana would bring together business owners from both countries to develop a common platform where issues affecting their partnerships could be addressed speedily.

According to the Ambassador, current misunderstanding between traders from both countries emanates from the misconception that the involvement of the Chinese in certain businesses, has rendered their Ghanaian counterparts jobless.

He said there are several opportunities in China for Ghanaian businesses to tap into to contribute to the country’s economic growth. He therefore pledged the Embassy’s support by opening its doors to business operators from the two countries, for the mutual purpose of promoting economic growth.

Gracing the occasion, the Executive Chairman of Jospong Group of Companies, Dr Joseph Siaw Agyepong commended staff of Able Imports and Exports Trading Company for selflessly working with the company for its ten years.

He appealed to them to continue with the strength with which they begun with the company so as to help it achieve its mission and vision.

He advised businessmen who traded both in Ghana and China not only to focus on trade but also think of how to develop a relationship with their Chinese counterparts by setting up offices in China.

He also advised young entrepreneurs to stay focused and stick to their goals in order to achieve their dreams saying, saying, ?If others have done it, you can also do it?.

The General Manager of Able Companies, Mr Stpehn Ketu, assured the Ghanaian community and their Chinese counterparts of its commitment to work and provide logistics for their operations.

China has witnessed a massive upsurge in economic activities, making the country one of the major world economies in recent years.?

About Able

Founded in 2003, Able Import and Export Trading Company Limited is a solely foreign-invested company, officially established and registered in Tianjin Free Trade Zone, China.

The company deals with the export of equipment and machinery and also offers warehousing, shipment and other services to its clients from all over the world.

It has since its establishment fostered cooperation and mutual relationships between its Chinese partners, manufactures and suppliers, to constantly support its Ghanaian counterparts in the procurement and export of various equipment and machinery for the execution of projects.



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