A family involved in recent suicide attacks in Indonesia had prohibited their children from school and society and instilled them with radical ideologies, police said on Tuesday.

The family of six killed at least 13 people, including themselves, by bombing three churches in Surabaya on Sunday, while another militant family of five blew themselves up Monday at a local police station, killing four of the family and two others and wounding 10 people, Reuters reported.”These children have been indoctrinated by their parents. It seems they did not interact much with others,” East Java Police Chief Mahfud Arifin told reporters.The families often gathered at the house of Dita Upriarto, the father who led his family in the church attacks, to learn how to make bombs, The Jakarta Post quoted Mahfud as saying.

They also showed their children movies of violent jihad to teach them radical ideologies, Mahfud added.Children of the families were told by their parents to say they received education at home had anyone asked, the police chief said.A terrorist suspect, aged between 39 to 41, was killed in an exchange of gunfire with an anti-terror police squad in Surabaya’s Tandes district on Tuesday afternoon, according to a spokesperson of East Java Police Headquarters.The killing was among a series of anti-terror crackdowns in the aftermath of the series of deadly attacks.In addition, Indonesia police are hunting for a man, identified as Abu Bakar who was the “teacher” of Dita Upriarto.”He was the teacher of Dita. The efforts to track and pursue him were progressing at present. Let’s hope he can be arrested,” Mahfud said.


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