By: Robert Ayanful

The Chief of Gomoa Nkran and adviser to the Omanhene of the Gomoa Traditional Area Nana Yamfo Krampah XI, Nana Ayebaw Mbir VI has reminded his colleagues to be mindful of the provisions in the Constitution and exercise authority within the confines of the laws enshrined in it.
Reacting to claims by some Chiefs that they are been deprived of their powers by some provisions in the Constitution, Nana Mbir who is also a Divisional Chief in the Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Council rebutted the claim, saying that Chiefs still wield the power the possess as before, and as such there is no truth in the claim held by some Chiefs.
He pointed out that the Chieftaincy institution is now modernized unlike before where Chiefs exercise sole authority over their subject, and rule them with iron fist.
According to Nana Mbir, the days where Chiefs disregard the rights the rights of their subjects has no place in modern day society, as democratic governance has enlightened every individual of his or right, and has therefore advised Chiefs to recognize this fact.
However, he noted that as much as people have their rights, they should also not abuse that right and give Chiefs all the needed respect and honour that they deserve as custodians of the land.


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