chiefkeef1 Chief Keef sentenced to 60 days in Juvenile Detention Center

Rapper Chief Keef has received a 60 day sentence in jail, after violating his probation during an interview at a gun range in New York last year. According to, prosecutors in the case alleged that Chief Keef was a member of a Black Disciples offshoot called ?Lamron,? a term used for gang members on Normal Boulevard in

Chief Keef?s old neighborhood, Englewood.

In court, prosecutors and a judge reviewed lyrics from his debut album Finally Rich on Interscope, and stated that he was bragging about being free, despite his actions.

The sentence comes just days after the rapper, born Keith Cozart, was jailed for the violation, which occurred earlier this week.

?I beg you, please, give me one more chance to show you. I?m a very good-hearted person. I have not picked up any more cases. That?s not my life anymore,? Chief Keef reportedly told the judge.

Family members like his mother and grandmother told reporters the he just raps about the stuff that he lives next to.

Due to the sentence, Chief Keef will be canceling his tour.

He can appeal the judge?s ruling after 30 days in juvenile detention.

His next court date is on March 14.


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