Whatever form the forthcoming Anambra State election takes, majority of us have patriotically made our case and advocacy for the choice of Osita Chidoka (Ike-Obosi) as the next Chief Executive of the State. This is more so since we have found him to be exceptionally intelligent, brave, incorruptible, and above all, a goal getter.

So far so good, no genuine voice has rejected the candidacy of this young and talented technocrat with any verifiable reason, standard or measure, but our position is predicated on an empirical evidences of a superlative scorecard in his little stint in the corridors of power, where he earned the respect of not a few and subsequently adjudged one of those that went, saw and conquered.


Even though the situation he faced at the time was so complex and physical an experience, the action-packed accomplishments wrought by him can be the envy of an average leader considering his contemporaries in other sectors whose stock in trade were capitalized in checkmating others based on their geographical location of origin, yet, he came out unscathed and bigger in experience and profile with stronger affection and attraction for goal getting with major interest in uplifting mankind.

Worthy of note is that, as an astute administrator, he ensured that the Finances of the Agency or Ministry under his supervision were rooted in sound economic management, which eased the office-tension from him to deploy his encyclopedic mind in thinking, teaching and delivering what will benefit mankind.

However, in an attempt to play the usual Nigerian politics of “everybody is evil” as to rubbish his magnanimity and unshakable boldness in identifying with the Igbo cause, many want to imply that it was to strike a political jackpot that he showed up in Kuje in solidarity with the rave of the moment, Nnamdi Kanu. And this is not factoring into consideration, his boldness in the face of rampaging davil-may-care administration at the Federal level who are hell bent on harassing and hounding dissenting voices and members of the opposition either to death like it happened to Chief DSP Alamiesiegha, or Awaiting Trial, like it happened to Femi Fani-Kayode or Oliseh Metuh, just to mention but a few.

Seeing nothing good in that solidarity journey to Kuje Prisons, might be viewed as a height of insensitivity as many things like his life, and hard earned reputation were at stake as it takes a man whose hands are not soiled with the proceed of corruption to so do.

This goes a long way to justify my over time held ideology that at a time like this when Igbos are becoming too sensitive about who leads them, Osita Chidoka stands out.

Therefore, I am still unshakable on my earlier stance that Anambararians have got more reasons than one to roll out support for this iroko with uncommon accomplishments, which I think in his characteristics manner must be replicated in the State. But it’s left for our people to shun sentiments and my-brother-politics and take the bull by the horns to making the necessary change that the State is craving for.

Nnamdi Ukasanya writes from Awka